This class represents the SEO tag generator, and is the main export from this library.

The SEO class works by passing the data related to the current page through a series of Generators, which take data and return a series of tags.

By default, the following generators are included:

This library should already be installed in the malibu app generator, and an example can be found in there.

new SEO({
  staticTags: {
    "twitter:site": "Quintype",
    "twitter:domain": "",
    "twitter:app:name:ipad": "Quintype",
    "twitter:app:name:googleplay": "Quintype (Official App)",
    "twitter:app:id:googleplay": "com.quintype",
    "twitter:app:name:iphone": "Quintype for iPhone",
    "twitter:app:id:iphone": "42",
    "apple-itunes-app": "app-id=42",
    "google-play-app": "app-id=com.quintype",
    "fb:app_id": "42",
    "fb:pages": "42",
    "og:site_name": "Quintype"
  enableTwitterCards: true,
  enableOgTags: true,
  enableNews: true,
  structuredData: {
    organization: {
      name: "Quintype",
      url: "",
      logo: "",
      sameAs: ["","","",""],
    enableNewsArticle: true
  ampStoryPages: true

# new SEO(seoConfig)

Create a new SEO Object

Name Type Description
seoConfig Object

Configuration that is passed as the first argument to each Generator

generators Array.<Generator>

List of generators to run (optional)

extraGenerators Array.<Generator>

List of generators to run after the main generators run. Generators here can override tags that are returned by earlier generator. See Custom SEO Malibu Tutorial.

pageTypeAliases Object

A map of aliases to their original page type. This is a convenience if you want to have a different page type for some sections. ex: {"budget-page":"section-page"}

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