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This is and api which provides an access token in exchange of users JWT token Signed by a shared secret per Integration


  1. A realm should exist in bridge-keeper.
  2. A User should be added to the realm.
  3. JWT token for the the user should be available.
  4. An Integration should be created for a realm with a Secret Key setup. (There is no UI to do this setup so you will require platform teams help to set it up for you.)


You can make a GET call to /access-token/integrations/<id>

Sample CURL

curl -X GET \
http://<publisher-website-url>/api/v1/access-token/integrations/<integration-id> \
-H 'Cookie: qt-auth=<jwt-token>' \
-H 'Host: localhost:8001'

publisher-website-url - Website url of publisher eg: intgration-id - Id of the integration set up with bridgekeeper and third party application eg: Accesstype,Metype

Sample response with valid JWT token and integration id

Status: 200

Body: {"success":true}

"x-integration-token: <new JWT token>"

Sample response with invalid JWT token and integration id

Status: 403

Sample response with valid JWT token but invalid integration id

Status: 404