Custom Story Templates

The custom story templates give you a blank canvas to create whatever you wish and pass it to the library via The 'opts' object

Pass an object containing your custom templates to the templates key of the opts object. This is what your server/app.js file might look like

ampRoutes(app, {
  templates: {
    text: ({ story, config, seo }) => (
    "live-blog": (props) => <CustomLiveBlogStoryTemplate {...props}>
  • pass a function that returns your template (react component)
  • this function takes an object as a parameter having the foll keys:
    • story - the story object that platform gives
    • config - an object containing publisherConfig, ampConfig and opts. The publisherConfig is the same as response of /api/v1/config. TheampConfig is an amp-specific config given by api/v1/amp/config. opts contains an object inside it called featureConfig which provides config needed by features like inline config for infinite scroll, related stories etc.
  • CustomTextStoryTemplate is the template you've built using AMP library components and/or your own amp html. All your text stories will render this template.
  • text, live-blog are the story template names. They must match the story-template in platform's story api response

To see what all the library exports, go to AMP Library Exports