# async ampStoryPageHandler()

ampStoryPageHandler gets all the things needed and calls "ampifyStory" function (which comes from ampLib) From ampifyStory's perspective,

  • ampConfig is /api/v1/amp/config
  • publisherConfig is /api/v1/config
  • additionalConfig is an obj containing any extra config. If the publisher passes an async function "opts.getAdditionalConfig", its returnd value is merged into additionalConfig. Use case - Ahead can use this to fetch the pagebuilder config
  • to set timezone in structured data on amp pages, set it in blacknight Ex: publisher.yml-> publisher->timezone:“Asia/Kolkata”

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# getDomainSpecificOpts(opts, domainSlug) → {Object}

Pick the correct opts for the subdomain Uses the config for main domain as a fallback for subdomains. i.e. if a user us on entertainment subdomain and if opts.entertainment.slots is an empty obj, take opts.slots as a fallback

Name Type Default Description
opts Object

the opts object coming from FE app

domainSlug string | null | undefined null

the domain slug as specified in publisher.yml under domain_mapping

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The correct opts object for the domain/subdomain