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Here we discuss the analysis report that is generated by the Quintype wordpress plugin. The wordpress analysis report is designed to be a clear and concise report of the publishers wordpress instance.


This report is used by mutliple stakeholders, and the usage is accordingly different. The following are the primary use cases of this report.

Stake Holder Use Case
Client/Publisher Helps them understand their current wordpress installation
Quintype Teams Helps in understanding the complexity and effort required to complete this migration

Understanding the report

The report consists of a lot of data extracted from the wordpress instance. We can make sense of every section in the report. We discuss here about every section in the report and how to read and make sense of the data.


This table prints out the versions of software used in the installation, this helps understand if the software used is obsolete.


These tables print all the data from the Settings option from the wp-admin dashboard. More information for each of these settings is available in the Wordpress documentation

Table Wordpress Menu Reference
General Settings->General Option Reference - General
Writing Settings->Writing Option Reference - Writing
Reading Settings->Reading Option Reference - Reading
Discussion Settings->Discussion Option Reference - Discussion
Media Settings->Media Option Reference - Media
Permalinks Settings->Permalinks Option Reference - Permalinks
Privacy Settings->Privacy Option Reference - Privacy

These settings data will help understand the settings at which the wordpress instance is running.


This table prints all the plugins installed along with the status of the plugins, this helps understand if any features have to be supported during the migration


This table prints the status of all the posts, this helps to understand the no. of posts that have to be migrated. For more information on what each of the status means, check out Post Status

Post is mapped as Story in the Quintype platform


This table prints data about tags, this helps to understand the no. of tags that are not attached to any posts and tags that have exceeded character limit.


This table prints all the roles and the no. of users assigned to those roles, this helps to understand the no. of users that have to be migrated.


This table prints all the different types of media attachments and their count, that have been uploaded to the wordpress instance.

Attachments can be mapped as Media Library in the Quintype platform


This table prints all the page slugs that are published, this helps in understanding how many pages are hosted by this wordpress instance.

Pages are mapped as Static Pages in the Quintype platform


This table prints the status of all the comments, this helps in understanding if comments have to be migrated

Short Codes

This table prints a set of short codes that have been extracted, after random sampling of posts, this helps in understanding if the short codes can be discarded or expanded while the migration process is done


This tree structure prints all the categories in the wordpress instance, this helps in understanding the parent, child and grand child categories and the no. of posts attached to them

Categories are mapped as Sections in the Quintype platform