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If you are hosted in Wordpress, we have a easy to use Wordpress plugin, that you can install yourself and analyse the installation

Get the plugin

Click and download the Quintype wordpress analysis plugin

Quintype Analysis Plugin


  1. Login to your WP Admin dashboard

  2. Click on Plugins -> Add New from the sidebar

  3. Click on Upload Plugin -> Choose File

  4. Select the zip folder that you downloaded

  5. Click on Install Now

  6. You will see the plugin installation screen, click on Activate Plugin

  7. Confirm if the plugin has been installed by going back to the Plugins in the sidebar, make sure you see the quintype plugin in the list of installed plugins, also confirm that it is active

Start Analysis

  1. Once the plugin has been installed using the above steps, and if the plugin is active, you should see the Quintype menu item appear in the sidebar, Click on Quintype in the sidebar

  2. You will see the plugin interface, which looks like below

  3. Click on Generate Analysis Report to start analysis

Complete Analysis

  1. When you click on Generate Analysis Report, the plugin will complete the analysis process in a few seconds and automatically download a PDF file to your computer

  2. Attach this PDF file to an email, and send it to and copy to

  3. You can now deactivate or remove the plugin from your wordpress installation.