<LazyLoadImages margin />

This component will ensure all ResponsiveImages that are in its descendent path will be loaded async. By default, the image is loaded with an empty gif, and the image becomes visible when the image scrolls 250 from the edge of the screen.

You can use EagerLoadImages or eager={true} to force the image to be eager. If EagerLoadImages is passed a predicate, then images that pass a matching value to eager will be rendered eagerly.


import { LazyLoadImages, EagerLoadImages } from '@quintype/components';

function LazyLoadSecondImage() {
  return <div>
    <ResponsiveImage slug={props["eager-image-1"]} />
    <LazyLoadImages margin={"450px"}>
        <ResponsiveImage slug={props["lazy-image-1"]} />
        <ResponsiveImage slug={props["lazy-image-forced-to-be-eager"]} eager/>
        <ResponsiveImage slug={props["lazy-image-2"]} />
          <ResponsiveImage slug={props["lazy-image-forced-to-be-eager"]} />
        <EagerLoadImages predicate={(token) => token % 2 === 0}>
          <ResponsiveImage slug={props["lazy-image"]} eager={1} />
          <ResponsiveImage slug={props["eager-image"]} eager={2} />
    <ResponsiveImage slug={props["eager-image-2"]} />