<SearchBox initValue placeholder className formRef inputClassName inputId template onSubmitHandler onEscape navigateTo />


This component provides a form with a search text box. On submit, the user is redirected to the search page via AJAX.

A template function can also be passed in, to do custom rendering. The template prop will be called with childen having the child text box.


import { SearchBox } from '@quintype/components';

<SearchBox className="foobar" placeholder="search" inputClassName="foobar-box" inputId="stg" inputRef={(x) => = x} onEscape={() => this.closeDialog()}/>
Name Type Required Description Default
initValue string No
placeholder string No
className string No
formRef any No
inputClassName string No
inputId string No
template element No
onSubmitHandler func No
onEscape func No
navigateTo func No

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