Go through the Overview tutorial for more info.

It's cumbersome to build AMP pages from scratch. Wouldn't it be cool if you could build them like how you'd build non-amp pages - using a library like React? Quintype's AMP Library does just that!

Backstory - why does the AMP library exist?

Until now, AMP pages were handled by platform. The frontend app would route amp page requests upstream, and would get ready-to-render AMP HTML. As the number of publishers using the platform grew, there were more feature and customization requests. There arose a need to create something that would keep up with the feature requests and be scalable and maintainable

What all does the library export?

For a comprehensive list of items, go to AMP Library Exports

  • React components with base styles that you can use to build amp pages for your malibu app
  • Helper functions
  • Default templates built using these components

Set up process

Setting up your app to consume the amp library is Easy. Follow the integration guide

This library is part of the Malibu Framework.