<Image />


# <Image />

Image atom. Publishers are advised not to use this atom, since the API might change. For internal use

Name Type Description
params Object

required. The params object

metadata Object | null

required (can be null). Story element metadata. if present, metadata.width and metadata.height are used to calculate image width and height

slug String | null

required (can be null). Pass the image s3-key here. If falsy, fallback image is displayed

aspectRatio Array.<Number>

optional. If not passed defaults to 16:9

alt String

required. Alt text for image

opts Object

optional. This object is passed to quintype-js FocusedImage while calculating image src

lightbox Boolean

optional. Used to enable/disable amp lightbox on image. Defaults to true

useFallbackImage Boolean

optional. False by default. If true, it will show a fallback image of specified aspectRatio or 16:9

rest any

optional. Any other props are passed down to the component

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