Amp Library Integration

The amp library is shipped as a part of @quintype/framework. Integration basically involves telling framework not to route amp requests upstream, instead use the amp library routes.

To get the amp library, update @quintype/framework to the latest version (3.29.0 or greater)

  1. In the frontend app’s app.js, import function ampRoutes from @quintype/framework/server/routes
  2. if forwardAmp: true in upstreamQuintypeRoutes, either set it to false or remove it altogether
  3. add ampRoutes function preferably just below upstreamQuintypeRoutes in app.js
  4. ampRoutes takes two arguments just like the isomorphicRoutes function: app and opts object. Opts object can be empty.


opts object is used to pass customizations and config for the library. As of writing, it takes following properties

Opts key Details
seo similar to isomorphicRoutes, used to generate seo for amp pages
templates used to pass custom templates to the library
slots used to pass config for slots
headerCardRender used to override headerCard in story page
relatedStoriesRender used to override related stories in story page
infiniteScrollRender used to override infinite scroll in story page

Sample integration

import { ampRoutes } from "@quintype/framework/server/routes";

ampRoutes(app, {
  seo: new SEO({

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