<Footer />


Footer component is the footer which comes at the bottom of the page. The look of the Footer can be changed using the render prop footerRender. In case footerRender is passed in the config, it is rendered. Otherwise a default Footer is rendered

import React from "react";
import { AMP } from "@quintype/amp";
import { Layout, Head } = AMP;
const MyCustomFooter = ({ story, config }) => (
<Layout story={story} config={config}>
       .footerWrapper {
        display: flex;
        align-items: center;
   <p className="footerWrapper">This is my new footer</p>

ampRoutes(app, {
   footerRender: ({ story, config }) => <MyCustomFooter story={story} config={config} />
Name Type Description
props FooterTypes
style CSSObject

Optional. Used to pass custom styles

text string

Optional. Used to add custom text.

children Array.<JSX.Element> | JSX.Element | React.ReactChildren | React.ReactChild

Optional. If children is passed, children are shown orelse the default powered by text is shown

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