Client side Javascript SDK

The Accesstype SDK for JavaScript enables you to directly access Accesstype services from JavaScript code running in the browser. It provides out of the box features for publishers to integrate frontend browser applications with AccessType supported payment gateways and AccessType backed APIs.

AccessType JS will now automatically load the payment provider scripts that are to be used for different payment options activated by you. For e.g. Razorpay JS, Simpl JS, Paypal, Stripe, etc.


  • Ensure that all the integration requirements are met.
  • Domains on which Accesstype JS is to be used are whitelisted in Accesstype under Settings > General.
  • Make sure Story Attributes endpoint is added in Accesstype and is working as expected. It can be configured under Settings > General. It is https://<publisher-host>/api/story/attributes endpoint for Quintype publishers.

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