The subscription plan object

A subscription plan can be purchased and gives a user access to some assets for secific time duration.

title String
Name of the plan
description String
Description of the plan
price_cents number
Price of plan in cents
price_currency string
Price currency of plan
duration_length number
Lenght of duration
duration_unit string
Unit corresponding to duration_length. Can be days,weeks,months,years
recurring boolean
True of planning is recurring. False for ontime plans.
trial_period_enabled Boolean
True if trial period is enabled.
max_trial_period_length Number
Length of trial period. Applicable for recurring plans only.
max_trial_period_unit string
Unit corresponding to max_trial_period_length. Can be days,weeks,months,years
supported_payment_providers Array
Array of all the payment providers supported for the subscription plan. This is generated based on price, currency, duration, and few other factors.
assets Array
Array of asset objects. Provides details of assets that user will get acccess to on purched of the subscription plan
  "id": 14,
  "subscription_group_id": 6,
  "duration_length": 1,
  "price_cents": 5000,
  "price_currency": "INR",
  "created_at": "2020-04-28T06:28:01.995Z",
  "updated_at": "2020-04-28T06:28:01.995Z",
  "duration_unit": "months",
  "description": "plan with user limit 5",
  "title": "plan with user limit 5",
  "max_trial_period_length": null,
  "max_trial_period_unit": null,
  "recurring": false,
  "metadata": {},
  "deleted_at": null,
  "enabled": true,
  "trial_period_enabled": false,
  "supported_payment_providers": [
  "user_limit": 5,
  "assets": [
      "title": "site",
      "metadata": {},
      "type": "site",
      "published_at": {}
  "display_assets": [
      "title": "site",
      "metadata": {},
      "type": "site",
      "published_at": {}