Your Razorpay merchant account must be created.

Step 1: Setup API Keys and Secret:

  • Go to Razorpay Dashboard API keys section.
  • Copy the Razorpay Key ID and Secret. Razorpay API keys dashboard
  • Login to and Go to Settings –> Payment gateways
  • Under the Razorpay section of Accesstype, add your Razorpay App Key and Secret. Accesstype PG screen

  • Press the save button.

Step 2: Setup Webhooks:

  • Login to and Go to Settings –> Payment gateways
  • In the Razorpay section, enter a Webhook secret. Press the save buton.
  • Copy the Razorpay callback URL so that you can use it to setup Webhooks in Razorpay. Accesstype PG screen

  • Go to your Razorpay webhooks dashboard. Razorpay Webhook screen

  • Setup a Razorpay webhook by pasting the Razorpay callback URL provided by Accesstype.
  • Add the webhook secret that you had entered in Accesstype
  • Enable payment.authorized webhook for plans with One-time payments. Press the save button.
  • For recurring subscriptions, additionally enable subscription.charged, subscription.cancelled and subscription.halted events in Razorpay.

Your Razorpay and Accesstype accounts will now be linked.