The invoice object

This is an object representing a invoice.

ID Integer
Id of the invoice record
external_payment_id Integer
payment id received by the payment gateway, generally a payment token
external_capture_id Integer
capture id received by the payment gateway
amount_cents String
Amount which paid to payment gateway
amount_currency String
Currency in which amount has been paid to payment gateway
payment_gateway_fee_cents Integer
fees taken by payment gateway
payment_gateway_fee_currency String
Currency in which fee has been taken
international_payment Boolean
payment is international or not

  "id": 581,
  "external_payment_id": "pay_HOU0WmYdPDxQo2",
  "amount_cents": 2510,
  "amount_currency": "USD",
  "payment_gateway_fee_cents"=> 44,
  "payment_gateway_fee_currency"=> 'INR',
  "international_payment"=> false