How to create recurring subscription with trial?

Trial period is available for a recurring subscription. In order to create a subscription with trial, you need to enable trial period in the subscription plan.

Accesstype Subscription Plan Enable Trial Period

If you create a subscription by a subscription plan which has trial period enabled, only authorization amount(0-5Rs) will be charged to the customer and any amount charged will be refunded. And at the end of trial period duration, first subscription charge will occur.

By default the subscription’s trial period duration is taken from the trial period duration specified in the plan

However you can customize the trial period. You need to send the keys trial_period_length and trial_period_unit in the subscription object, if you don’t want the default trial period of the subscription plan

The valid trial period units are days, weeks, months, years

Note: The trial period duration in the subscription should be less than or equal to trial period configured in the subscription plan

If you don’t want to give a trial period for a subscription plan, which has trial period configured. You need to send trial_period: false in the subscription object