The Invoice object

This is an object representing an invoice. An invoice record is created for every payment transaction.

sequenced_invoice_number String
The sequence of invoice number for that account. Example: publisher_name/1, publiser_name/2
base_price Number
Basic price is the amount receivable by the publisher from the user for the purchase of subscription minus any tax on the product.For example if 110 is the price paid by the user and 10 % if the tax specified by the admin. The base price is calculated by the following formula (110/(1+10/100)), which equals 100
amount_cents Number
Amount paid in cents
amount_currency String
Currency in which payment was made
amount_after_discount_before_tax Number
This amount is arrived at, when discount is applied on the base price and does not include the tax amounts.
discount_details Hash
It's a hash with following fields. code - which represents the discount code applied by the user, discount_percentage - which represents the percentage of discount applied, discount_amount - which represents the amount of the discount. Example: {"code" => "UAT","discount_percentage" => 20,"discount_amount" => "77.97"}
invoice_taxes Hash
It's a hash with tax objects. If multiple taxes are specified by the admin, multiple tax objects will be present in this object.
external_payment_id String
The Unique identifier of payment received from payment gateway
downloadable Boolean
True if invoice pdf is available for download.
international_payments Boolean
True if invoice is for international payments
payment_gateway_fee_cents Number
Amount as payment gateway fee in cents
payment_gateway_fee_currency String
Currency in which payment gateway fee was made
payment_gateway_fee String
The payment gateway fee in string
payment_gateway_net_amount Number
The total maount paid for payment gateway
    "id": 5068,
    "sequenced_invoice_number": "BQ/1819/SUB/81",
    "base_price": "169.49",
    "amount_cents": 20000,
    "amount_currency": "INR",
    "created_at": "2020-05-29T07:45:29.558Z",
    "amount_after_discount_before_tax": "169.49",
    "discount_details": {
            "code": "UAT",
            "discount_percentage": 20,
            "discount_amount": "30.51"
    "invoice_taxes": {
        "CGST": {
            "percentage": "9.0",
            "amount": "15.25",
            "currency": "INR"
        "SGST": {
            "percentage": "9.0",
            "amount": "15.25",
            "currency": "INR"
    "round_off": "0.01",
    "external_payment_id": "GPA.3316-7874-6202-40089",
    "downloadable": false,
    "international_payments": true,
    "payment_gateway_fee_cents": 10,
    "payment_gateway_fee_currency": "USD",
    "payment_gateway_fee": "11.11",
    "payment_gateway_net_amount": 11.11