Support Default Limit to Collections

This tutorial was contributed by Athira and Harshith

This tutorial is for setting the default collection items limit. If there are no storyLimits passed for a particular collection will fall back to defaultNestedLimit and if there is no defaultNestedLimit passed, it will fall back to 40.

Steps to implement

  • First ensure that @quintype/framework is at the latest version
  • Pass defaultNestedLimit key with required default limit to getCollectionBySlug as shown below.
import { getStoryLimits } from "../../isomorphic/components/get-collection-template";

export async function loadHomePageData(client, config, slug) {
  const collection = await Collection.getCollectionBySlug(
    { "item-type": "collection" },
    { depth: 2, storyLimits: getStoryLimits(), defaultNestedLimit: 4  }