Custom Cache TTL

This tutorial was contributed by Amogh

The time for which resources are cached on CDN i.e. the s-maxage value in the Cache-Control header is set to 900 seconds for most requests. This can be changed if needed from the app level.

  • Make sure @quintype/framework version is 4.16.2 or higher

  • In the server/app.js file, pass an option sMaxAge: <value> to the isomorphicRoutes function like so:

    isomorphicRoutes(app, {
      generateRoutes: generateRoutes,
      loadData: loadData,
      seo: generateSeo,
      sMaxAge: "1800"
  • This will change the s-maxage value of /route-data.json, story and section pages, AMP pages, mobile-data.json, staticRoutes and custom routes passed from app

  • However it won’t change the s-maxage value of some requests like service-worker, shell.html, app manifest