Why Malibu?

Malibu is the culmination of Quintype’s experiences of taking hundreds of content websites into production. The goal is for malibu and the underlying tools to do all the heavy lifting for you, so that you can build an immersive applications quickly.

Progressive Web Apps, out of the box

Malibu ships with PWA support. By default, Malibu will render a shell when a returning user opens your site, which drastically improves percieved performance. Malibu can also be configured to work in offline mode.

Build rich, immersive content pages with Arrow

Malibu can be integrated with Arrow, a curated collection of components to help you quickly build stunning content pages.

Sub second FCP and FMP

Malibu starts with a sub second First Contentful Paint and First Meaningful Paint by default. Even when multiple rich components are added, most malibu based sites load sub 2 seconds. Multiple components are available for performance tuning, like LazyLoadImages

Design it your way

Malibu does not enforce any constraints on the design of your site. You can build any kind of UI on top of malibu.

Wide range of Logic Components available

Malibu includes @quintype/components, a set of viewless components to handle common patterns like logins, paywalls, lazy loading images, and infinite scroll.

Support for most Quintype features

Most Quintype features are supported by default in Malibu, and often simply involves enabling features in the configuration

CDN Caching By Default

Malibu’s pages are already configured with the correct Cache-Control and Cache-Tag headers, so that our CDN keeps your pages in cache, but still expires pages as soon as you update your content.

Continuous updates

Malibu is built and maintained by a dedicated team at Quintype, and receives weekly updates. Getting the latest features is as simple as npm install.

SEO Compliant

All of Quintype’s SEO features are already implemented via the @quintype/seo package.

Easy for developers to setup and deploy

Malibu handles a lot of the heavy lifting that developers typically have to do to set up a project. We have easy deployments with black knight, and we handle best practices like asset fingerprinting and zero downtime deploys for you. We can even set up as many environments as you want.

Tutorials to help you get started

Head over to the tutorial to get started.