Manage Code With Github

This tutorial was contributed by Deo Kumar

Quintype manages all the products and libraries on Github, you can check it out all the repository here or you may contact support to get Github access in case if you don’t have.

In this tutorial, we will see how we can take the repository in the local system from Github and will do some changes and pushed it back to Github.

Cloning Malibu Github repository to the local system

  1. We usually follow folder structure something like work/qt/ and then all the repositories inside this folder.
  2. Once you create folder structure now you need to clone the repo - git clone

Update files locally in Malibu

  1. Once you cloned the repository go to the malibu folder using cd malibu.
  2. Create test branch - git checkout -b test or you can switch to different branch using - git checkout branch_name.
  3. Let’s edit story.js file and add one console there.

Pushing code back to Github

Once you are done with your local changes now time to push your changes to Github. But befor pushing changes to Github you may follow a few steps.

  1. Check all changed/updated files - git status
  2. Add individual files - git add file_path or you can check all the chages using - git add -p or add all the files that are updated using git add . .
  3. Once you have added file to origin now time to commit your changes with message - git commit -m "your changed message"
  4. Now time to push your changes to Github - git push origin test.

You may now proceed to Docker or jump to a recipe from the Tutorial.