Prerender Webpages

This tutorial was contributed by Deo Kumar and Amogh is a service that shows a simplified page without any javascript to crawlers in order to improve SEO

Steps to enable prerender for a malibu app

  1. Update @quintype/framework to the latest version (4.13.0 or greater).

  2. Whitelist your URLs in Cloudflare, for that, you may contact support for it.

  3. In order to detect crawler, we use Cloudflare’s URL rewrite feature to append a query parameter prerender=true. Get in touch with support to add your URLs to the URL rewrite rules

  4. Pass parameter prerenderServiceUrl in isomorphicRoutes from your app. If you wish to use the default prerender service set up by Quintype, the prerenderServiceUrl is If you wish to set up your custom prerender service, pass that URL here.

In app/server/app.js

isomorphicRoutes(app, {
  generateRoutes: generateRoutes,
  loadData: loadData,
  pickComponent: pickComponent,
  prerenderServiceUrl: ""

That’s it, now your web pages should serve through prerender. If you want to check your website has enabled prerender or not, copy the app url(Ex: and check it here, you should not see any script file executing in the HTML tab because this tool provides the result based on Googlebot User-Agent for the smartphone.

You may now proceed to Redirect Urls or jump to a recipe from the Tutorial.