This tutorial was contributed by Deo Kumar

Quay is used to provide a scalable and secure container registry platform on top of any supported on- and off-premise infrastructure. It provides massive performance in container image distribution, combined with the ability to scan container image contents for security vulnerabilities, while providing strict multi-tenancy.

For more details about quay you can go through the quay documentation.

After pushing your changes to GitHub you need to wait till the docker build finished, you can check your docker build in the quay.

  1. Login to quay.
  2. Once you logged in you will see all the repository list inside the quay - internally the docker file will run.
  3. Click on the required repository, in our case click on malibu.

Building on Quay

Once the build is done you should see the green tick befor befor build id.

You may now proceed to Deploying With Black Knight to deploy your branch on cloud or jump to a recipe from the Tutorial.